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Rasheed Abdul-Aziz

Feb 10, 2022

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What is this?

I recently decided I wanted JSON Schemas for all of Cartographer’s CRDs. That way I’d be less likely to make mistakes and need to wait until I had done a kubectl apply and waited for a workload failure to discover that I had forgotten something important.

I wrote a little bit of code to generate JSON Schemas from Cartographer CRD manifests. I plan on releasing it as a formal utility that folks can use to create JSON Schemas for any OpenAPIV3 CRD Schemas, but I realised schema validation is not enough.

So I’ve created the Live Editor.

Today the editor:

  • Only supports SupplyChains.
  • Visualises the supply chain.
  • AutoSuggests based on schema.
  • Validates based on schema.
  • AutoSuggests inputs from existing resources.
  • Let’s you copy the URL to share your yaml with others.

In the future I’d like to add:

  • Support for all the CRDs
  • Syntax checking for invalid references (coming soon!)
  • Display options selected by a workload (part of a new set of RFCs to support multiple paths in a supply chain)
  • Instances of the editor inline in the docs
  • Links in example CRs to editable/visualized versions of the same CR
  • Read/Write GitHub Gists to support loading and editing templates + blueprints + owners
  • Much more!

I want to know what you think! Please let us know if this is something that’s valuable to you.

Please provide feedback by commenting or upvoting in this issue!

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