Introducing the Contributor of the Month initiative

Cartographer Team

Mar 1, 2022

Since October 2021, when the Cartographer project was made public, we have been very fortunate to count on individual contributors who have helped improve the codebase and docs while also telling the Cartographer story at conferences, in live streams and other forms of content. All of them have done this out of an intrinsic motivation, without expecting any reward or public recognition. We are forever grateful to them for this.

Nevertheless, we would like to fill in the extrinsic motivation void by rolling out a small initiative called Contributor of the Month

How does it work?

We plan to recognize contributors in three different categories:

  • Code contributor (merged PRs)
  • Content creator (tweets/blog posts/screencasts/presentations/podcasts)
  • Community advocate (participation on community meetings/providing user feedback/creating or commenting Slack interactions,Github discussions or issues)

Code contributions will be tracked using the contributor shoutouter program located in this repo while content and community support will be tracked by the Cartographer community team.

As a little token of appreciation, contributors will receive Cartographer branded, sustainable swag that we hope you find useful.

Public shoutouts will be done at the first Community Meeting of the following month and on the @OssCartographer Twitter account.

The list of top contributors for each month will be published on this wiki page.

Let’s build together!

Every contribution in every form will count, so make sure to check out the following resources for opportunities to help build the Cartographer project:

Join the Cartographer Community

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